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Blue merle is one of the most striking of Cardigan colours but it is not an easy colour for a breeder.  Strictly speaking, merle is not a colour, but a modifier that affects black pigment.  In the United States the national club prohibits breeding merles to any colour other than black. The reasoning behind this is that merle bred to red, sable or brindle may produce undesirable odd shades of so-called "ginger" or "peach" merles.   The merle gene is a dominant and is recognized as a "semi-lethal" gene that "bleaches" affected pigment. A double dose, that is, a merle gene from each parent, results in deaf and/or blind puppies. It is truly a labor of love to produce correct blue merles and a good one is like a work of art.

Patches1.jpg (7230 bytes)Champion Aberwyvern Patches CD
1984 - 1998

As a puppy she won Best Of Breed over finished champions.




patches.jpg (79337 bytes)


As a grand old lady of 12 she won Best Of Opposite Sex in Veteran Sweepstakes at the National Specialty.

Our first show dog, Patches taught us so much. For most of her life she was always one step ahead of us, a dedicated escape artist who was still practicing her craft at 12, feisty, opinionated and completely self confident to the end. She was unique.



duke.jpg (14174 bytes)Champion Aberwyvern Duke Of York CD
1985 - 2002

            Full brother to Patches.




sarahweb.JPG (30453 bytes)Aberwyvern Silver Seraph
Ch. Aberwyvern Llanelidon x
Bluetrix Billie Holiday Blues

"Sarah," daughter of Eli, granddaughter of  National Specialty Best In Sweep- stakes winner.   Shown here wining Best Opposite Sex over a Group placing Special.




Ch.  Aberwyvern Silver Spur
1999 - 2008

"Maurice" littermate of Sarah, proudly finished his championship with all points from the Canadian Bred class. Sarah and Maurice earned their Dad, Eli, Best Stud Dog at the 2000 National Specialty.


Billie.JPG (21641 bytes)

. . . and their mother "Billie,"  Bluetrix Billie Holiday Blues,  with daughters Sarah & Cleo.  Billie has now retired to a farm near Peterborough, where
she has taken on the self-appointed and difficult task of keeping the
guinea hens in the barn.




"What shall I be when I grow up?"



Champion Aberwyvern Remembrance


Can/Am. Ch. Bluetrix Son Of Spuddie Wind
Ch. Aberwyvern Cleo Laine